United States Army Combined Arms Center’s magazine, Military Review, “Book Reviews,” November-December 201

“In 2005, then-Lt. Gen. David Petraeus led a resurrection of counterinsurgency (COIN) doctrine and education due to the worsening situation in Iraq. All but banned by the Army following the end of the Vietnam War, COIN now became the focus of Petraeus’s Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate and was immediately integrated throughout the Command and General Staff Officer Course curriculum. However, the historic COIN experiences used to develop the new doctrine and to educate a new generation of officers were overwhelmingly drawn from Western sources. Missing was the non-Western experience; while there are published accounts
of non-Western COIN, they are not commonly referenced by Western students and practitioners of COIN. Dr. Jeff M. Moore’s The Thai Way of Counterinsurgency fills some of this gap.”
“The Thai Way of Counterinsurgency is essential for all practitioners and students of security studies and irregular warfare. Moore’s writing is easily comprehended and well paced. It does not delve so deeply into details that the reader would become lost or bored. There are many lessons here that can be applicable in whole or in part for U.S. forces in current and future conflicts.”

Lt. Col. Andrew M. Johnson, U.S. Army, Retired, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

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